Coffee Storage Containers

Coffee Storage Containers If you are looking to keep your coffee beans as fresh as possible, you want to make sure is that you are storing the beans in a good container that is air tight and prevents light from getting to the beans. There are some excellent containers available that don’t cost much and will give you those features. We have listed the containers that we recommend for you.

Recommended Coffee Storage Containers

  • 1. Planetary Design Airscape

    Planetary Design Airscape

    An excellent coffee bean container is the Airscape Coffee Storage Container. It is made of stainless steel and has an air-tight seal. The container also has a valve that allows excess gases from freshly roasted beans to escape. The container also comes in a variety of colors allowing you to keep easily recognize different types of beans in the different containers.

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  • 2. Friis Coffee Vault

    Friis Coffee Vault

    The Friis Coffee Vault is specifically built for coffee. With a stainless-steel base, it will keep light out. The lid is air-tight and uses special Friis Freshness Valves that will vent CO2 gases out from freshly roasted coffee. This container has everything to keep your coffee beans fresh and full of flavor.

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  • 3. BeanSafe Coffee Storage Container

    BeanSafe Coffee Storage Container

    The BeanSafe Poly-Propylene Coffee Container has a patented one-way Pressure Release Valve that keeps out air and moisture while permitting carbon dioxide to escape. The valve never needs replacing and will help keep your coffee fresh, aromatic and flavorful. The container stores up to 16-Ounces of coffee.

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