A ristretto is a concentrated espresso shot where there is less water in the coffee than an espresso. This is done by grinding the coffee finer than an espresso. By having the coffee ground finer, less water will be able to go through. The amount of time to “pull” the coffee is the same as an espresso which is about 25 seconds. This will create a more intense flavor with less bitterness. It is also known as a “short black” in some parts of the world.



  • 1 ½ Tbsp. Espresso Coffee
  • Cold water




  1. Select good quality espresso beans.
  2. Grind the coffee finer than you would an espresso. If you cannot grind your coffee, use a regular grind but tamp the coffee down a little harder than normal. The added pressure will slow the amount of water that can come through.
  3. “Pull” the coffee from the espresso machine. The goal is to get about .5 ounce in 25 seconds. If too much liquid comes out, try tamping down harder next time. If too little comes out, tamp down less hard.

Bottom Text:

Making a good ristretto takes practice. It will likely take a number of tries before getting the right combination of grind, tamp, and pull down.