Café Bombon


Made popular in Valencia, Spain, a Cafe Bombon is a very simple to make coffee drink that has a great appearance and velvety taste. The drink simply consists of espresso and sweetened condensed milk at a 1 to 1 ratio. Since the drink has a wonderful look to it, it is typically done in a clear double shot coffee glass. The white condensed milk sits at the bottom and the darker espresso sits on top of the milk while the crema sits on the top of the drink with clear contrasting colors. Once the drink is served, the coffee and milk are stirred creating a sweet and velvety dessert drink.



  • 1 part espresso
  • 1 part sweetened condensed milk 




  1. Pour condensed milk into the glass. Should fill ½ of the glass. If you want the drink less sweet, put less milk. Try to place the condensed milk flat on the bottom.
  2. Make espresso equal to half of the amount of liquid and pour on top.
  3. After serving, the person drinking the coffee should mix with a spoon.

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