Café au lait


A Café au Lait is a traditional French coffee drink that is made with brewed coffee and steamed milk. It is similar to a caffe latte except the latte has espresso instead of brewed coffee. Therefore, if you prefer a coffee drink that is not so intense, the café au lait is a nice choice. The drink is also similar to a Café con Leche, but the con leche is sweeter.






  1. Brew coffee
  2. Steam the milk in an espresso machine or milk frother. If neither are an option, simply scald the milk on a stove top.
  3. Pour coffee into a cup or mug. Pour frothed milk over the coffee.

Bottom Text:

A café au lait is a popular coffee drink in New Orleans at places like Café du Monde. What makes their café au lait different is the coffee. New Orleans style coffee is a dark roast coffee that contains chicory. Some popular brands of this type of coffee are French Market, Community Coffee, and Cafe du Monde. If you unable to find coffee that already has chicory, simply mix ¾ cup of your favorite French roast and mix it with ¼ cup chicory.